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Enum & Enumeration in Swift 4

An Enum & Enumeration consists of integral constants

"An enumeration is a user-define data type which consists of a set of related value" Is used to define enum keyword" 

enum type { const1, const2, const3, .......}
enum week {
          case Monday
          case Tuesday
         case Sunday
Swift Example :- enum Country {
   case India
   case America
   case Russia
   case Chaina
var power = Country.America
power = .America
switch power {
   case .India:
      print("India Country is No 4")
   case .America:
      print("America Country is No 1")
   case . Russia:
      print("Russia Country is No 2")
   case . Chaina:
      print("Chaina Country is No 3")

Output is America Country is No 1

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