How Create Animated Circle Progress Bar iOS 11 Swift 4

  Animated Circle Progress Bar iOS 11 Swift 4

Animated Circle Progress Bar iOS 11 Swift 4

With MBCircularProgressBar -

A circular, animatable & highly customizable progress bar from the Interface Builder Swift, Using pod fite MBCircularProgressBar Installation Cocoapods terminal.

pod "MBCircularProgressBar"

That - A Simple Steps to installed pod file -
  1.        Open terminal
  2.        Command on terminal go to project folder Cd path
  3.        set your project path on terminal.
  4.        command : pod init
  5.        open pod file - open -e podfile
  6.        added in pod file with in : pod "MBCircularProgressBar"
  7.        Command : Pod install
  8.        Close project of Xcode
  9.        open your Project from terminals
  10.        Command : open PodDemos.xcworkspace
After opern StoryBoard and Now drag a UIView over the viewController in storyboard

Circular Progress Bar UIView

Or set UIView Constraint width, height or verticle or horzentail space and set a class MBCircularProgressBarView in StoryBoard. Open Atribute inspector and customize progress bar according to your needs

Circular Progress Bar

Now Open ViewController.swift file

import UIKit
import MBCircularProgressBar

class ViewController: UIViewController{

@IBOutlet week var progresssView: MBCircularProgressBarView!
  override func viewDidLoad(){
     self.progresssView.value = 0
  override func viewWillAppear(){
     UIView.animate(withDuration: 10.0){
      self.progresssView.value = 60


Circular Progress Bar iPhone X