Deep linking Tutorial in ios Swift or Universal Link

Set Up a Universal Links (Deep Linking) for Your App ios 9

Universal Links (Deep Linking) - Deep Linking is a most important in mobile application ios or android apps. Deep Linking means a link from another app or even from a website to your app. On iOS 9, Apple announced “Universal Links” where instead of opening Safari first, the iOS will check if the Universal Link is registered to the domain associated with the link, then checks if the corresponding app is installed. The app is opened if installed, and if not, Safari will be load an http(s) link. This functionality allows one link for both website and app.

Register Your URL Scheme

1- Go to Info.plist
2- Add URL Types then within Item 0
     Set Document Role to Editor.
     Then URL Identifier - app bundle ID.
     Then URL schemes    - (1 item)
     with in item 0     -  DeepLink

Deep Linking ios


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