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How to Creating A Web Browser With in WKWebView

Create a simple Application open web URL in to WKWebView! or open web Browser WKWebView. iOS Developer Live - There are Two Different Type open url with web view, UIWebView or WKWebView. Before iOS 8.0 Used UIWebView. Now After iOS 8.0 or Later apple introduce A New Claas WKWebView in the Library  WebKit. WKWebView faster to fast load webpage and more batter than UIWebView, its do not overload memory. Example  Add code your ViewController class import UIKit import WebKit class ViewController: UIViewController , WKNavigationDelegate {          var webView : WKWebView !          override func viewDidLoad() {         super . viewDidLoad ()                  // loading URL :         let studyPlusUrl = " "         let url = URL (string: studyPlusUrl)         let request = URLRequest (url: url! as URL )                  // init and load request in webview.         webView = WKWe