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How to Get Started Firebase UI Auth Provider Swift 4 iOS

I am starting a tutorial how to install a firebase Authentication in iOS Swift application and how to use Firebase UI Auth. You can use Firebase Authentication to allow to users different type login your application or sign In / sign Up   with including email id or password, with facebook login, twitter, Gmail, pinterest or more social account authentication. This blog post help you started, how to start firebase UI auth. Create a account firebase Console. If you have a Google account already then you are active only firebase console Open and go to seen right side - GO TO CONSOLE Click add project -> Type project name and if you mind customize project id and select your country code then accept term or condition create project. Next Go to dashboard overview and select your app platform. Now if you add ‘Add Firebase to your iOS app’, Then Copy your bundle ID past after type your nick name did you like, This is the bundle identifie