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Change the Color of the Status Bar - StatusBarStyle Tutorial in Swift

How to Set Status Bar Style Color in Swift  The status bar can have a dark and light appearance inside your app In this tutorial the appearance of the status bar color will be changed try two type. This tutorial is made with Xcode 9 and built for iOS 11, swift 3 & swift 4. 1:- iOS 11 and Swift 4, Xcode 9       Info.plist - add row View controller-based status bar appearance and set it to NO       In file appDelegate.swift -> didFinishLaunchingWithOptions in        UIApplication.shared.statusBarStyle = .lightContent  func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions:   [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {     application.statusBarStyle = .lightContent // .default     return true } 2:- Add With a function =>   Go to the ViewController.swift file and add the following lines of code.               override var preferredStatusBarStyle: UIStatusBarStyle {                       return .light