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Design Patterns on iOS using Swift

Design Patterns on iOS using Swift - Singleton Design Pattern Example iOS Design Patterns Tutorial - Design patterns are evolved as reusable solution to the problem that we encounter every day of programming Types of Design Patterns - iOS Developer Live Creational: This type design deals with the object creation and initialization.    Eg: Singleton, Factory, Abstract Factory. Structural: This type design pattern deals with class and object composition Eg: MVC, Decorator, Adapter, Bridge, Facade. Behavioral: Deals with the communication between classes and object    Eg: Observer, and, Memento Creational Pattern - Singleton Design Patterns Creational Pattern - Only one Instance of a particular classes, singleton pattern belongs to Ceational type pattern, This pattern is used when we need to ensure that only one object of a particular class need to be created. Only one object available across the application in a controlled  Declaring al